Writing effective policies and procedures is incomplete without an effective implementation and compliance assurance strategy. This book is an excellent resource for experienced writers as it deals not so much with actual procedures writing but rather with the challenges of implementation and compliance. The main strength of this book is the continuous improvement approach and the ideas of how to communicate new ideas to the rest of the businesses staff. Importantly it provides ways to assess and validate the effects of implementing certain policies and procedures.

The book provides a chapter on creating a communication control plan, which is key to ensuring your policies and procedures, are up-to-date and relevant to your organization. Another chapter provides guidance on establishing a compliance plan (including ways to perform measurements and validation).

A real-life case study is used to demonstrate the use and the effect of principles described in the book. The case-study leads the reader from a labor extensive process to a new method resulting in savings of millions of dollars. The book does not however provide good assessment on the cost of developing the procedures themselves.

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